Career Change

After more than 20 fantastic years at Sandia, I am calling it quits this coming summer. I am forever indebted to my wonderful Sandia colleagues, past and present, who made my years at Sandia incredibly rewarding. I will be an independent researcher and consultant under the auspices of my business called

'Magical' mathematics unlocks engineering honor for Sandia scientist (Sandia Labs News Release)

LIVERMORE, Calif. - Tamara Kolda of Sandia National Laboratories has spent a career finding mathematical patterns in data sets ranging from mouse neurons to crime statistics, so when she talks about how ‘magical’ the results seem, even experts in other fields take notice. olda was one of 87 members elected to the National Academy of Engineering this year - one of a handful of mathematicians ever granted membership.

Virtual Meeting Best Practices

We’re all in a lot of virtual meetings these days thanks to COVID-19. As we continue to shelter at home, I’ve been trying to optimize my online meeting experience. In this post, I share what I consider to be best practices.

Elected to NAE

Humbled to announce that I’m one of the 87 new members of the National Academy of Engineering.

Interview Advice

Just in time for the 2019-2020 interview season, I’m resurfacing posts with interview advice including asking good questions during interviews and preparing interview talks.

ACM Fellow

Happy to report that I’ve been named a 2019 ACM Fellow for innovations in algorithms for tensor decompositions, contributions to data science, and community leadership.

Math Impacts Study

I am excited to announce that the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has convened an ad hoc committee of experts to prepare narratives and graphics to identify and illustrate the impact of the mathematical sciences, and I am chairing the committee.

CSE19 Education Talk

At SIAM CSE19, I presented a talk on a DOE Lab Perspective on CSE Education which included specific recommendations for graduate education. Several persons asked for the slides, which are available here.

As a preview, the recommendations are…

  • Make side projects integral to the program
  • Explicitly develop communication skills
  • Require major programming project
  • Encourage leadership and teaming
  • Develop “soft skills” curriculum

(CSE = Computational Science & Engineering)

SIMODS has Launched!

SIMODS has published its first set of articles.

Tamara Kolda Named EIC of New SIAM Journal on Mathematics of Data Science

See Sandia’s article about my new role as EIC for SIMODS: