Math Impacts Study

I am excited to announce that the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has convened an ad hoc committee of experts to prepare narratives and graphics to identify and illustrate the impact of the mathematical sciences, and I am chairing the committee.

CSE19 Education Talk

At SIAM CSE19, I presented a talk on a DOE Lab Perspective on CSE Education which included specific recommendations for graduate education. Several persons asked for the slides, which are available here.

As a preview, the recommendations are…

  • Make side projects integral to the program
  • Explicitly develop communication skills
  • Require major programming project
  • Encourage leadership and teaming
  • Develop “soft skills” curriculum

(CSE = Computational Science & Engineering)

SIMODS has Launched!

SIMODS has published its first set of articles.

Tamara Kolda Named EIC of New SIAM Journal on Mathematics of Data Science

See Sandia’s article about my new role as EIC for SIMODS:

Sam Sherman's Summer Internship Story

Read the story Sharing applied mathematics with the world from Sam’s 2018 NSF-sponsored internship working with me at Sandia National Labs.

SIMODS Word Cloud

Just for fun, some of the terms from submissions in the first six months of SIMODS. This was generated using the titles, abstracts, and keywords from all the submissions that went for full review.

Engineering Paper

I recreated the page from a standard engineering computation pad for use with electronic note-taking systems.

SIAM Launches New Journal on the Mathematics of Data Science

SIAM has launched a new journal on the Mathematics of Data Science, and it is now taking submissions.

Re-elected for 3rd Term on SIAM Board of Trustees

I have been re-elected to a third term on the SIAM Board of Trustees. Thanks to all SIAM members who voted in the election - your participation matters! The Board is a largely invisible but important part of SIAM because they are responsible for the management of SIAM. In fact, they are the body that has full legal control of SIAM funds, investments, and properties. The board comprises nine elected members along with the SIAM President, SIAM Treasurer, and two appointees (determined by the Board).

Sparse Versus Scarce

Sometimes the term sparse is used to refer to a matrix that has a large fraction of missing entries, but the more typical usage of that term is to refer to a matrix that has a large fraction of zero entries. We instead recommend the term scarce for a large amount of missing data and discuss various scenarios.