The NAS Parallel Conjugate Gradient Benchmark on the Cray T3D


The NAS Parallel Benchmark kernels were developed to evaluate the performance of highly-parallel supercomputers. These benchmarks are unstructured in the sense that they give only an algorithm defining the benchmark; all implementation details are left to the programmer. We looked specifically at a kernel to solve an unstructured sparse linear system via the conjugate gradient method, the CG kernel. This kernel was implemented on one of the newest massively-parallel supercomputers, the Cray T3D. Currently, our implementation of the CG kernel on the T3D achieves 306 MFlops on 64 processors. In comparison, a Cray YMP single head gets 127 MFlops, a 128 processor iPSC/860 gets 181 MFlops, and a 32,768 processor CM-2 gets 105 MFlops.

Tech. Rep., Supercomputing Research Center, Bowie, MD
T. L. Gibson (nee Kolda). The NAS Parallel Conjugate Gradient Benchmark on the Cray T3D. Tech. Rep. No. SRC-TR-94-192, Supercomputing Research Center, Bowie, MD, 1994.


T. L. Gibson is the maiden name of T. G. Kolda.


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